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  • Our Mission :
    Our mission is to create convenient & technological solutions through autonomous robots, to improve the lives of everyday people.
  • Our Team :
    Founder: Syd Manna Engineering: Justin Knowles, Michael Xiao, Jay Strickland Application Engineer: Cameron Salas Videography & Editing: Colton Walter Ad Director: Hannah W. Scott Photography: Lacey Whitman Sketch Artist: Sue Anderson 3D Modeling: Stephanie Nannariello Graphic Design: Celene Tolentino, Eugene Mishkin Copywriter: Mallory Morse Webmaster: Nick Itshiniki Legal: Jacob Ong
  • Location :
    Located mainly in the Pacific Northwest, our team is scattered around the Greater Seattle Area
  • Contact :
    Please refer all inquiries to and we will reply as soon as we can!

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